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2009.01.19 (Mon)

So everything has been pure stress lately.
Even career week is stressful. But then I kinda feel like I really wanna take up Psychology. It seems so interesting.

Anyway.... Ugh. I have nothing much to type.
I haven't scanned my new arts yet. TOO LAZY.
I'll probably work on them tomorrow or something when I un-lazy-fy myself.

I might be selling some pins and etc someday... Someday... Don't know when but... Yeah. I've already sketched them. It'll probably take a while to Ink and CG though but its okay. ;w; I might ink them this week then CG them next week when it isn't that stressful anymore. :D My favorite was my drawing of Rin Kagamine though. And Luke fon Fabre.

I shall end here for now. :D Ciaoness
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