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2009.01.05 (Mon)

I hate school.
So many stuff, so much stress, so much everything.
How can one person possibly memorize something by Thursday when the teacher hasn't even given back the thing to be memorized?! Something is wrong with the world.

I should go do homework and study now... or not. I wanna draw. :P
Plus, I need to make my Mozilla Firefox go back to English again. The Mozilla Firefox JP is making me go CRAZY. Haha. I'll probably make it JP again once I learn how to properly understand Japanese. ;;

Anyway, if I'm bored I should go finish CG-ing my drawing. *^^*
DeviantART isn't working well for me again... Though my dA kinda looks different now. Are they changing the layout? I like it. :3 Lolwhut.

I'll end here~ CIAO!
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No title

I agree with the school problem. Too much home work, too many teachers going "blah blah blah...", and too many thing we have to learn that I question why I have to know this stuff (=_=)
Miyuki |  2009.01.06(火) 19:25 | URL |  [編集]


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